Mamas for Mamas Fundraiser with Jillian Harris

Photo by  Rachelle Beatty

These past few months have been a whirlwind! I have had my head down pumping out bench after bench and table after table. When Yuriko from Vintage Origami Events contacted me and asked if I was willing to provide tables and benches for the Mamas for Mamas fundraiser with Jillian Harris and her team, I don’t think I could have said “YES” fast enough!! What an honour! And to play a role in raising money for this amazing charity - sign me up!!

Photo by Tifni Bartel

Photo by Tifni Bartel

When Yuriko shared her inspiration pictures, I was instantly on board with her idea of how things would look. I agreed to build a pergola to stretch above the entire length of the tables with my intent of using it in my rental inventory afterwards. I also don’t think we could have imagined a better venue! Esther and her husband graciously offered the use of their home at the Kitsch Wines.

My husband and I spent many hours thinking of the design, as we wanted it to be easy to put up and take down. I had an idea of what it would look like completed, but because it is such a large amount of wood and furniture, it’s impossible to fully know what it will look like until set up day. I had family alongside my husband and I as we set up the night before the event. When I took a step back to see it all come together, I was thrilled!

But let’s be honest, I was also so nervous! I knew it was built well and sturdy, but the wind was so crazy that night! When we were unloading, there was lightning off in the mountains and the wind was seriously gusting! That night I went to bed and dreamt of wind all night long. The next morning, all was still standing - my confidence returned (haha!) and I went to the event to help with decor.

Photo by Tifni Bartel

Photo by Tifni Bartel

Friday was amazing on so many levels. Seeing a dream and vision in my head come to reality was beyond amazing. Seeing people gather around the tables, sharing stories, laughter, enjoying amazing food and wine, music was perfect, Jillian and her team mingling around…I stepped back to take it all in and a tear came to my eye! It was just so cool to see all these people come together and support one another. This is community! People coming from all walks of life for the same cause. Talented hands and minds putting their best forward to make this event happen.

Melinda from A New Leaf Floral graced the tables and pergola with her gorgeous flowers. Sarah and Michael Martin and their team from Start Fresh Kitchen created the most stunning and tasty menu for the event. Aaron Pritchett and Dean Brody serenaded the ladies. It was also so sweet to share the day with my friend Tori. This place was filled with SO much talent!!

Facetune_31-05-2019-22-33-45 2.JPG

When I first started building these tables and benches, I had this vision of the tables being a place where people gather. Where old and new friends and family come together to share in each others victories and also each others struggles. Where people could celebrate new life, new beginnings! Where guests could visit over amazing food and drink great wine.

Through this blog, I hope to share glimpses of each event with you - a story or a photo of people coming together in community. Thanks for following along the journey! This is just the beginning…

- Tifni

Photography by Rachelle Beatty