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New from Refined Furniture!!

This solid wood white pergola is now ready for renting! We built it custom for a a Mamas for Mamas fundraiser, put on by Jillian Harris. It looks beautiful as-is, but can also be dressed up in any way you wish to fit the decor of your wedding or event.

It measures 8 ft wide and then continues on in 8’ sections. In this photo we put 5 sections together to make it 40’, but it can be rented in 8’ increments, up to the maximum of 40’.

Trestle Tables and Benches to Rent

Forget about the table cloths - our beautiful trestle style tables provide an elegant, refined look that works in any style of event.

With our tables, your table setting can either be extravagant or minimal. Either way, it’ll look amazing, because the tables will wow even if you leave them bare.

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Each table has been built to ensure beauty and quality. Handcrafted by Tifni in her local West Kelowna shop.

We specifically chose the trestle style not only for it’s gorgeous looks, but also because it elimates those corner legs, making it easier to seat guests without a table leg getting in the way. This allows you to utilize the entire length of the table. We are the only ones in the Kelowna area that have this style of table for rent.

The trestle table legs fold down for easier transportation and can be set up within minutes.

The benches are perfect to use at the ceremony and then can be used later on at the reception as well. Using benches makes it easier to seat more guests, especially if you are trying to squeeze children in.

Our inventory is continually growing, but at this time, the quantity available in each is noted below:

Brown tables (13), white tables (7), brown benches (20), white benches (12), 8’x8’ Pergola (5)

Please message us or send an inquiry through the “book now” button for more information!

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For a 24 hour rental

8’ x 40” Trestle Table - $95/table

8’ x 14” Bench - $45/bench

8’ x 8’ Pergola - First section: $550 (includes set up and take down, delivery is extra). Each section after that $350

Delivery for a fee - please contact us for pricing.

If a site visit is required, there will be a charge for site visits. Please contact us for pricing.

Sorry, no pick ups on Rentals.