Terms & Conditions


Payment Policy:

Refined Furniture requires 50% of payment at time of order and the other 50% at time of delivery or pick up.  Please make cheques payable to “Jamison Rae Management”. Other acceptable methods of payment are Cash or E-Transfer to refinedfurniture@hotmail.com

Orders cannot be started or processed until 50% of payment is received. 


Our handcrafted, custom designed furniture is perfectly unique and one of a kind.  This is one of the best things about our furniture - no two pieces are the same! Because each piece is handmade, there may be a variance in size by 1-2”. If it is crucial your pieces are an exact measurement, please specify at time of order.

Our furniture is made from wood, a natural living and breathing product. Wood responds to fluctuations in humidity levels (just like hardwood flooring).  The humidity or dryness in your home may cause splitting, shrinking, warping or expanding of the wood.  For table tops that have pieces jointed together, this can cause the pieces to generate larger gaps over time.  

To ensure these occurrences are kept at a minimum, we take our time selecting the wood used in your project and use quality joinery methods. However, wood will still move the way it must, but this will not affect the structural integrity of the piece.  If anything, it adds character and this is not considered to be defective and will not be a cause for returns.  Any difference in the initial appearance or natural ageing of pieces (ie, cracks, separating) which are inherent to their materials are not considered defects or flaws. 

There are certain types of wood will have more visible knots and wood grain and may accept the stain colour you have chosen slightly different than the sample you viewed.  As for painted surfaces, we make every effort to conceal knots and grain, but the texture of some will still be visible under the paint.  All pieces we stain are clear coated multiple times to ensure your furniture is well protected.  While our finishes are durable, they can be ruined with improper care.  Please ensure you take the time to read our “Care & Maintenance” section to learn ways to prevent this. 

If you have any concerns about the materials used for your furniture, please contact us and we’d be happy to talk you through the materials used and some of their natural characteristics. 

Customer Designed Pieces

Many of the items we make are designed solely on ideas presented to us by the customer. In this case, we take no liability for the furniture created.  We will always make the items sturdy, secure and well jointed - but we cannot guarantee the wood and finishes will hold up to all the elements our customers choose to expose the furniture to. 

Lead Time

Once the deposit has been processed, it will generally take between 4-6 weeks for the items to be ready for pick up or delivery. 

Cancellations and Return Policy

Our custom pieces are made for one person - and that is you! A lot of love and work goes into all of our pieces and for this reason, we are unable to accept cancellations of orders.  You will forfeit your deposit if you cancel your order at any stage before the piece has been started.  If you cancel after the piece has been started, you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee up to the full purchase price.  This determination will be made at our discretion, based on the stage of manufacture that we are at, and the materials that have been sourced. 

In addition, because each item is custom made, all sales are final.

Delivery and Pick Up

Many of our customers choose to pick their items up from our location, as there is no charge, and they can come at their convenience. If you need your new furniture delivered, there is a fee.  Please contact us for a delivery fee quote.