Care & Maintenance for Custom Built Furniture


Care & Maintenance

We use a lot of beautiful, natural materials in our furniture, which need love and care. In order to retain the quality and appearance of your piece, please adhere to some of the guidelines below:

  • Do not apply wet or hot items directly onto finished surfaces.

  • Do not drag or push your furniture. This ensures no pressure is placed on joints - improper pressure may result in breaks or bends in the joinery, which can weaken the structural integrity of the piece. Ensure you have someone to help lift the item up to move it.

  • Only use a damp, lint free cloth to clean your furniture where necessary. Do NOT spot clean, as this can cause variances in the finish.

  • Contact with acidic liquids (such as lemon juice, nail polish remover, etc), can result in etching of the protective finish. Please no not use these products near your table.

  • Harsh cleaners or sprays can cause the sheen of our protective finishes to diminish.