Refined Furniture

Table Rentals. Bench Rentals. Custom Built Furniture.

 RENTALS. We have Farmhouse Trestle Tables and Benches for rent in the Kelowna area. Each table and bench has been built with beauty and quality in mind. We want your guests to be blown away with the attention to detail in the planning of your event. Our tables and benches will be a key component to creating a beautiful setting to celebrate.

Wedding, corporate events, family reunions, birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, and more.

CUSTOM FURNITURE. Almost every person who approaches me starts with “I can’t seem to find a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in this one spot, can you build something for me?” Yes, yes I can. I would love to bring your vision to reality. Contact me for a quote today.

Choose local - Choose handcrafted - Choose Custom.